Installation notes for hyperopt


Hyperopt requires mongodb (sometimes "mongo" for short) to perform parallel search. As far as I know, hyperopt is compatible with all versions in the 2.x.x series, which is the current one (download the latest version here). It might even be compatible with all versions ever of mongodb, I don't know of any particular version requirements on mongo.

On linux and OSX, once you have downloaded mongodb and unpacked it, simply symlink it into the bin/ subdirectory of your virtualenv and your installation is complete.

# from the root of your virtualenv
# (or basically any folder with an active bin/ subdirectory)
(cd bin && { for F in ../mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.2.2/bin/* ; do echo "linking $F" ; ln -s $F ; done } )

Verify that hyperopt can use mongod by running either the full unit test suite, or just the mongo file

# cd to the hyperopt project root
nosetests hyperopt/tests/


We have a little script that will help you download all necessary dependencies.